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Builders Select is your building destination when you need assistance with drafting, estimating, delivery, and cutting. We provide these services throughout the Cedar Valley community along with the surrounding areas to help you troubleshoot through any problem that comes your way. Whether you experience them on a job site or while performing the task yourself, we’re here to offer solutions and suggestions in order to get your job done securely and accurately. We’ll even equip you with contact information to some of Cedar Valley’s best contractors and carpenters you may require for your particular build. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is here to help you from start to finish, ensuring your special project produces your expected results.

Our Services

Drafting Circle


When you need a draft created to build a new home or business, we have a drafter on staff ready to sketch up your design. Once an appointment has been established, you’ll give the drafter the details of your design and she will put together a drawing of your desired specifications. You’ll then leave with a plan that’s ready to become a reality.

Estimating circle


We provide estimates for a new house, construction site, roofing, and windows and doors. When you bring in the blueprints of your plan, we’ll figure out how much material you’ll need in the right quantities to make sure you have all you need to get the job done. For your doors, roofing, siding, and windows, we’ll send one of our sales members out to survey the items, to determine how many need to be replaced, all with free estimates provided.

Box Truck Delivery Circle


Depending on the job, we’ll deliver all materials to your home or construction site as we provide delivery services to Cedar Valley and the surrounding communities. With our on-site lumber yard, we make pick-ups a breeze, ensuring that you receive your items in a timely manner after your initial purchase. We have the following trucks each with their specific duty to fulfill your desired material needs.

Our Trucks

Fork Trucks

These are placed on our main delivery truck flat beds to move products, like siding and plywood, from the truck to the ground of a particular construction site.

Boom Trucks

These are used for delivering roof shingles.

Moffett Trucks

When delivering a deck order, these are the alternating fork trucks, which can drive sideways in order to maneuver larger products within tight spaces, specifically between houses that have narrow passageways between them.

Box Trucks

These trucks protect your windows and doors from the elements while in transit to a job or construction site.

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