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Turning Your Cabinetry & Countertop Design Dreams into Reality

When it comes to bringing your cabinet and countertop creations to life, Builders Select sets you on the right track with each item designed with you in mind. We have all the cabinet and countertop materials to make your new kitchen, bathroom, or closet vision a reality. We partner with several top countertop and hardware vendors in the industry that allow us to see your project through from start to finish, offering our assistance along the way. With our 3D rendition technology, we can show you a home installed with the latest trends and unique styles to give you a virtual look of what your cabinets and countertops may look like once they are completed.


Cabinets can be utilized anywhere in your house or business. Whether you need them for your kitchen, office kitchen, supply room, walk-in closet or garage, they simplify a space and hide away all of your belongings and valuables. Our in-house cabinet designer will give you a real-feel of the cabinets you’re requesting by adding in colors, styles, moldings, and patterns, so you can see the finished product. Check out the superior brands we offer listed below:

Cabinet Brands We Carry


Omega Cabinetry

Customizable to fit in any space and comes in numerous colors and designs.


Aristokraft Cabinetry

Whatever your style may be, find the design and pattern that brings your interior space to life.


Mid Continent Cabinetry

With three cabinet series to choose from, you’ll find the right set of cabinets that fit your space perfectly.


Wolf Cabinetry

Comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to fit any home or business space.

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Countertops are just as unique as the kitchens and bathrooms they are placed in. You can go from rustic and modern to classic or elegant, just from the countertop you install. At Builders Select, our countertops come in quartz, granite, marble, quartzite and laminate to give you the desired kitchen and bathroom of your dreams. We also provide a wide variety of backsplashes in a selection of colors and textures to choose from that match beautifully with any countertop you request. When it comes to brands, Cambria USA is our go-to as it is the most trusted and best in stone countertops that you won’t find anywhere else.

FAQ on Countertop Materials


A manmade material that is less likely to chip or dent, allowing for more flexibility and is also highly resistant to weathering. Look for it in a wide variety of colors to match any desired color scheme for your kitchen or bathroom.


More durable for a natural stone, which means less scratching in the material. When the proper sealants are put in place, your granite becomes resistant to acidic foods and beverages, and is also protected against stains or marks.


Another natural stone that comes in a variety of colors and its intertwining vein patterns after it’s mined. When properly cared for, this durable stone is versatile as it can fit into any modern or classic design décor you can think of.


More durable than granite, as it is a converted, natural stone, requiring more protection from sealants in order to withstand denting and chipping. On the plus side, this material comes in a wide range of colors from natural tones like white or grays, to even pinks and reds the more iron oxide you see in the stone.


Material that is quite strong and durable. It is layers of plastic that are bonded to particleboard, which gives it the strong surface. This material comes in many different designs and colors to give your kitchen or bathroom an elegant and sleek look at a fraction of the cost to original, pricier countertop options.

Brands We Trust

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